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Passive Running

Passive Running is a new way to find the joy we once experienced when we run. By taking the principles of Biomechanics we have redefined how to run. Using gravity to propel us rather than pushing with our legs we can experience the joy of running once more. Passive Running allows you to run whilst being relaxed and free in your body. This means that if your biomechanics at optimised running is less likely to cause strain on your body and therefore reduce pain and the chance of injury. If you’re already running and want to achieve your next goal or if you want to start enjoying running again call us now. We can check your biomechanics, give you Passive Running advice and get you running to your best potential. 

Bio mechanical Assessment 

Because we are Osteopaths we can look at your running action from your feet up to your pelvis and then up your spine, making sure that your body is performing at its best.

Optimal Performance 

By establishing optimal biomechanics we can ensure you can realise your potential.

Passive Running 

By helping you get in tune with your body and teaching you the Passive Running method we can get you to achieve your goals and find the joy in running.